hi there!

I’m Aubrey,
the founder and creative mind
behind 99 Haus Balloons!

99 Haus Balloons was born in March 2020 after COVID -19 shut down the normal business operations at now closed Lantern Haus Bar. We had always offered balloons as an add on to events in the Loft space, but decided to open up the HAPPINESS to everyone in our community when COVID hit.

We have since closed our bar and event space to make way for our balloon boutique, a fun creative space located in the heart of Forest Park!

Aubrey studied Fashion Business at Columbia College Chicago and started her career working for brands like French Connection and Mark Shale. Her eye for design and construction paired with her knowledge of product launches and branding has helped build the brand that 99 Haus Balloons is today. She uses all of her skills to create dsiplays large and small that take every situation into consideration.

Our collections are based on the same principles as a fashion house. Our every day balloons are similar to ready to wear clothing and our custom creations are simlar to a couture collection.


Balloon décor options for any budget, air filled or helium filled. You can select from our menu items or reach out to us and we will help you create a custom masterpiece for any occasion!

We will install anywhere we can find something to anchor to (nails, screws, hooks, pillars, railings etc.); indoors, outdoors on a car or on your business, contact us with any questions!