Pop the Champagne and Let the Balloons Fly: How to Celebrate Graduations

Pop the Champagne and Let the Balloons Fly: How to Celebrate Graduations

It's graduation season, which means it's time to break out the balloons and start celebrating! Whether your graduate is finishing prom or completing their degree, there's no better way to acknowledge their hard work than with a big bash. But how do you throw the perfect graduation party? Here are some tips on making this a day to remember for your special grad.

Pick a Theme:

When you're starting to plan your graduation party, a theme can be your best friend. There are endless ways to celebrate this milestone, so think creatively! Whether you want to go with a classic cap-and-gown motif or choose a more quirky theme like "Oh, the places you'll go," the right theme can help set the tone for the day. For an added touch, consider buying balloons that match your theme.  Our team of stylists will help suggest colors and integrate your theme into our balloon decor!  Not only will they make great decorations, but they also provide a fun, festive photo opportunity for the graduates.

Focus on the Food:

What's a party without food? When it comes to a graduation celebration, there's no need to go overboard on the menu. Keep it simple with party favorites like chips and guac, a veggie tray, and some cupcakes. One fun option is to have a "sweets bar," where guests can make their own dessert creations. As for drinks, opt for a signature cocktail or mocktail that ties in with your theme. And don't forget to ask the grad what their favorite dish is so you can incorporate it into the menu.

Get Creative with the Decorations:

Balloons are a graduation party staple, but there are other ways to add some creativity to your decorations. The 99 Haus Balloons team can help you come up with some fun ideas on what to add to your party to match our balloon decor!  One idea is to make a DIY photo booth with a fun background and props like graduation caps and glasses. Another option is to use old yearbook photos or highlight reels from the grad's life as decorations. You can also hang up a memory board or make a scrapbook of their achievements to showcase what they've accomplished during their years in school.

Plan Some Fun Activities:

While eating and drinking are the main attractions at any party, you'll also want to plan some fun activities to keep the guests entertained. Some ideas include a trivia game about the grad, a karaoke contest, or a balloon popping relay race (yes, we will bring a bag of balloons for this). You can also set up a playlist of the grad's favorite songs to get people dancing. And don't forget to have a guestbook or card station where people can write heartfelt messages to the graduate to keep as a memento from the day.

Don't Forget the Finishing Touches:

Finally, the finishing touches will make sure your party is a smashing success. Give the grad a special shoutout during the party, whether in a speech or with a toast. You can also create a collage of photos of the grad and display it somewhere prominent. And of course, there's no better way to cap off the celebration than with a balloon release. It's a symbolic way to say goodbye to the past and hello to the future, and it makes for a powerful visual moment.

Graduation can be a bittersweet time, but by following these tips and incorporating balloons and fun, your graduate will have a day to remember. Whether you choose to celebrate with a big party or a smaller gathering, the most important thing is to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of the graduate. So pop the champagne, let the balloons fly, and let the good times roll!


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